Wix has changed the way websites are built and why you should care

Wix is ​​a popular website builder that helps businesses easily create powerful websites that meet the latest tech requirements. All technical factors are managed by Wix, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best.

Not only does Wix help businesses build websites without having to worry about the technical part, but they recently introduced a developer-friendly headless iteration.

Wix is ​​really changing the way websites are built, and it can be useful to pay attention to what’s going on.

About this interview with Wix

This article was originally designed as a single article comparing Duda, WordPress, and Wix.

But as I was writing the article, I realized that each website building platform was really good at their respective services and there was little overlap to some extent.

In other words, each of them as a website builder platform is a winner in the area where they choose to compete.

Furthermore, there is so much to say about each of them that the resulting article would have been thousands of words long and too unwieldy to make sense as a standalone article.

Therefore, the article has been split into three articles (one about Duda and one about WordPress). That way, it’s easier to understand what each platform excels at.

This article is entirely dedicated to Wix, a website building platform used by over 200 million customers.

Could Wix be the best website builder for you?

What is Wix?

Wix is ​​a website builder platform that comes in a free and premium version.

It’s a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which means there’s nothing to download and nothing technical to do.

Creating a website is as easy as answering a series of questions or using a simple drag-and-drop interface where you select different parts of a webpage and click Done.

Most importantly, Wix not only makes it easy to create attractive and professional websites, but also stays up to date with SEO standards and requirements.

For example, if Google changes the structured data requirements that allow a website to stand out in search results, Wix reacts quickly behind the scenes so that every website conforms to the changes.

Wix caters to business owners and individuals who want a powerful and professional website but don’t want to hire IT staff to make it happen.

Wix allows businesses to focus on what they do best.

Now that Wix has context, hopefully the interview will fill in more gaps as to why Wix is ​​a website building platform to consider.

Interview with Wix

I had the pleasure of interviewing Yoav Abrahami, Chief Architect and Lead of Velo at Wix.

1. Which merchants will benefit the most from a closed source solution like Wix?

“While open-source solutions are primarily designed for developers who have the skills to install and implement, closed-source solutions can benefit vendors who have limited technical expertise or resources to maintain and update their have software.

Although some open source projects offer support and implementation services through various agencies, these services may not be accessible to non-developers.

Closed-source solutions often come with dedicated support teams, regular updates, and security features, which can be helpful for merchants who cannot afford to invest in their own technical support or security measures.

Wix offers a comprehensive range of services that includes implementation, optimization, SEO tools, performance, business applications, security features and more. In addition, merchants can take advantage of Wix’s easy-to-use editor and content manager, which allows merchants to streamline the management of their website (e.g. add new content, change the design, add new tools as the business grows) without prior programming skills.”

2. When a business takes off and becomes hugely successful, can Wix scale with a business?

“Definitely. Various factors can play a role in scaling a business, such as traffic, content, registered users and business growth.

As a managed service, Wix is ​​able to support businesses in all of these areas and beyond.

Whether a business needs to handle increased traffic, add new features or functionality, or expand its online presence, Wix can provide the tools and resources needed to support that growth.

Wix’s infrastructure and scalable plans allow businesses to easily update their website and add new features as needed.

Wix plans range from basic website builder options to more advanced plans that include features like ecommerce capabilities, global payments, custom branding, and more.

Wix also offers integrations with third-party applications that can further expand the capabilities of the platform.”

3. Can affiliate websites benefit from a platform like Wix?

“Yes, Wix offers a wide range of features and tools that can help affiliate websites create professional and attractive websites, attract visitors, and generate revenue through affiliate marketing.

First, the Wix affiliate website editor and customizable templates make it easy to create a visually appealing website that accurately represents your brand and appeals to your target audience.

Second, Wix offers a variety of built-in marketing and SEO tools that can help affiliate websites drive traffic and improve their search engine rankings.

For example, the Wix SEO dashboard provides Wix users with SEO tools, insights and reports from Google Search Console and helps users optimize their website for search engines, while the built-in Wix affiliate email marketing tools Websites can help keep in touch with them, target audiences and encourage repeat visits.

Finally, Wix affiliate sites’ ecommerce features make it easy to generate revenue through affiliate marketing programs.

For example, affiliate websites can use Wix’s built-in e-commerce tools to create product pages, manage affiliate links, and streamline payment processing and shipping.

In most cases, all of this can be done without the help of a developer.”

4. What is the value for money of a platform like Wix compared to the hidden costs of other platforms (e.g. development fees, hosting, premium plugin and theme subscriptions)?

“When comparing the cost-effectiveness of a platform like Wix versus open source solutions, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership of each option — both the upfront and ongoing costs associated with each option.

This includes the initial cost of building the website, the cost of hosting including the domain, and the cost of ongoing maintenance.

Wix has a major advantage over open-source platforms when it comes to upfront costs.

Wix is ​​a fully integrated solution and most open source solutions require installing plugins, integrations and customizations.

Additionally, the Wix Editor allows designers to build websites independently from developers, reducing costs and reducing time to market.

Another important cost factor is the ongoing maintenance of the website.

Websites need to be updated regularly to stay secure, perform well, and stay current with the latest technology and design trends.

With an open-source solution, ongoing maintenance may require additional development fees for updating plugins, themes, and software versions.

Hosting costs can also increase as website traffic and resources increase.

In contrast, a solution like Wix eliminates most, if not all, of the developer’s maintenance hours.

Wix offers a managed platform that includes hosting, security, and maintenance. The cost is just Wix subscription fees.

This means businesses can easily budget for their website spend and avoid unexpected upgrade or security breach costs.

It’s important to note that the only exception to this is for websites that require custom development with Velo. In this case, companies may need to work with a development partner.

But even in these cases, the managed nature of the Wix platform reduces maintenance significantly.”

5. Is Wix good for developers, agencies, and other types of businesses?

“Wix caters to small business owners, agencies, enterprises, and developers.

For non-programming users, our business solutions provide everything they need to build, run and grow their business.

Users can create a fully customizable and professional-looking website with comprehensive management tools, multichannel integrations, top-notch security, and more.

Our offerings are designed to help users save time, streamline processes, and enhance the customer experience.

There’s a lot more you can do with Wix if you know how to code.

Wix’s open platform allows developers to extend Wix websites and Wix business applications, or even build their own applications on top of Wix.

For example, professional users can use Wix’s Velo, a full-stack development platform that enables users to quickly build, manage, and deploy professional web applications.

You can use the Wix editor and then add custom functionality using standard JavaScript and Velo APIs in the built-in IDE to instantly create more dynamic websites with more control and flexibility.

Professional users can also use Wix Blocks, which allows for the creation of highly customizable and reusable apps and widgets.

Finally, using the combination of the above tools, professionals can create customer-facing enterprise business applications.

We recently launched Wix Headless, which allows developers to use Wix’s business APIs for integrating e-commerce, bookings, CMS, events and more from anywhere.

This is the first time that Wix has opened up its backend to work outside of the Wix platform, creating an even more robust portfolio of solutions for developers.”

Building a successful web presence

There are many ways to build a successful business online.

Wix offers a simple click-to-build solution as well as the ability to use its technology to build more complex websites.

That doesn’t mean that one platform is better than another. The aim of this article is to present the options available.

Each platform has its own merits, so it can make sense to audition each platform and see which one works best for you.

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