YouTube addresses copyright concerns and offers music alternatives
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YouTube addresses copyright concerns and offers music alternatives

YouTube addresses copyright concerns and offers music alternatives

In a recent video, YouTube clarifies copyright rules and discusses misconceptions surrounding the use of music in long-form videos.

Additionally, YouTube offers valuable resources to help you find and use copyrighted music to ensure your content stays monetized and free from copyright strikes.

Here’s what you need to know about using copyrighted music on YouTube.

YouTube & Copyrighted Music

Artists and music labels own the copyright to their songs and have the legal right to control how others use them.

YouTube will process requests to remove copyrighted content in accordance with copyright law, so you must follow these rules when uploading content.

If you upload a video that contains copyrighted music, the video could be subject to a Content ID claim, which could result in YouTube blocking it or making it unsuitable for monetization.

Alternatively, you could receive a copyright strike resulting in the content being removed.

It’s important to note that YouTube Shorts work differently, so you can use music from the Shorts audio library without restrictions.

Common misconceptions about copyright on YouTube

There are several misconceptions about how copyright works on YouTube, and creators need to understand the following:

  • You must secure all necessary rights before uploading content to YouTube.
  • The naming of the copyright owner or the use of disclaimers does not authorize the use of copyrighted works.
  • Recording something yourself does not guarantee that you have the rights to upload it, especially if it contains someone else’s music.
  • There is no minimum time for using someone else’s music. Just a few seconds can result in a claim or deactivation.
  • The presence of similar videos on YouTube does not mean that you are authorized to post the same content.

The final decision on whether content falls under a copyright exception, such as B. “Fair Use” or “Fair Dealing”, hit the courts.

Using music in YouTube videos without copyright issues

YouTube offers several options to help creators use music in their videos without worrying about copyrights or making less revenue from the music:

  • YouTube audio library: Everyone has access to the YouTube audio library, where you can download music and sound effects for free. Titles are copyrighted and will not result in a Content ID claim or affect monetization status.
  • creator music (for members of the YouTube Partner Program): Creator Music combines the YouTube audio library with a mainstream music library. You can use these tracks without losing monetization if you join the YouTube Affiliate Program.

Both options offer search and filter features that make it easy to find the perfect track.

Some tracks in the YouTube Audio Library require attribution, which can be easily copied and pasted into the video description.

YouTube is continually expanding its music catalogue, giving you more ways to enhance your videos without receiving a Content ID claim or copyright strike.

For more information, see YouTube’s audio library resources, licensing tracks from Creator Music, and understanding copyright and content ID.

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