YouTube brings photo editing and quizzes to community posts

YouTube offers creators new tools to work with when publishing community posts, with additional photo editing features and interactive quizzes.

Community posts are social media-style updates available to YouTube channels with 500 or more subscribers.

YouTube displays posts in users’ recommendation feeds and in the Community tab on channel pages.

A community post can contain text, photos, videos, GIFs, and polls. Now YouTube is introducing in-app photo editing tools for more creators and is experimenting with the ability to add quizzes to posts.

Learn more about the YouTube community post updates announced today.

Quiz in YouTube videos

YouTube is conducting an experiment with a small number of creators where they can add quizzes to community posts.

Quizzes are a new, interactive way for creators to engage with viewers. Creators in beta can create quizzes just like other types of community posts.

I’m already considering how YouTube channels can use quizzes in community posts.

An idea that immediately comes to mind is to take a quiz based on your latest video. You can include questions that users would need to answer to watch your latest video.

If you encourage users to take the quiz with a contest or a simple greeting, you could potentially drive more repeat visitors to your content.

Because this is an experiment, YouTube may expand access to quizzes if they get positive feedback.

Photo editing on YouTube on iOS

YouTube creators on Apple’s iOS can now add filters, text, and stickers to images when creating community posts in the YouTube app.

YouTube brings photo editing & quizzes to community postsScreenshot from:, November 2022.

YouTube brought these features to Android earlier this year, and now they’re rolling out to iOS.

A small random group of creators with access to the community tab can test this on iOS phones.

For more information on what’s new for YouTube creators, check out the latest community update below:

Featured image: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

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