Microsoft Advertising boosts analytics and global reach in June update
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Microsoft Advertising boosts analytics and global reach in June update

Microsoft Advertising details several important updates and enhancements in its June Product Overview.

The new tools and features aim to improve website performance analysis, improve cross-device conversion tracking, expand into new global markets, and enable more seamless integration with other platforms.

Introducing Universal Event Tracking Insights

This month’s standout news is the launch of Universal Event Tracking (UET) Insights, a feature that gives advertisers a deeper understanding of their website’s performance.

The new capability requires no additional coding and extends the capabilities of existing UET tags.

“We’re introducing UET Insights, a valuable new capability that we’re adding to your existing UET tags without requiring any additional coding. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your site is performing, and also allow Microsoft Advertising to more effectively optimize the performance of your ads through improved targeting, fraud detection and reduced conversion losses.”

The new Insights tool will be rolled out automatically from July 3rd.

Cross-device conversion attribution update

Microsoft Advertising will introduce a cross-device attribution model later this month.

This update enables advertisers to track and link their customers’ conversion journeys across multiple devices and sessions.

Microsoft explains the new feature in a blog article: “For example, if a user clicks an ad on their laptop but converts on their phone, we now attribute that conversion to the first ad click on the laptop.”

Although no new features or settings are introduced with the update, advertisers may see a slight increase in conversion numbers due to the improved accuracy.

Expansion into new markets

In line with its expansion drive throughout 2022, Microsoft Advertising announces the expansion of its advertising reach to 23 new markets.

New additions include multiple locations from Antigua and Barbuda to Wallis and Futuna.

This expansion allows advertisers to reach their audiences in more parts of the world.

Seamless integration with Pinterest and dynamic remarketing

Microsoft Advertising publishes Pinterest Import in all markets through the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN), allowing advertisers to import campaigns from Pinterest Ads.

Additionally, dynamic remarketing on MSAN for cars, events, and travel is now available in the US, Canada, and the UK.

The remarketing tool allows advertisers to use their feeds to create rich advertising experiences on the Microsoft Audience Network and to match their audience to items in their feed that they’ve shown interest in.

In total

Key takeaways from the June product overview include the automatic rollout of UET Insights starting July 3, the launch of a new cross-device attribution model, expansion into 23 new global markets, and improved integration with Pinterest via the Microsoft Audience Network.

Overall, these developments offer advertisers better insight into campaign performance, improved accuracy in conversion tracking, and more opportunities to reach audiences globally.

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