NexGen Cloud’s $1bn AI supercloud to turbocharge AI in Europe

NexGen Cloud, a sustainable infrastructure-as-a-service provider, announced plans and funding for one of the first AI supercloud deployments in Europe to support the development and growth of AI companies.

UK-based NexGen Cloud, an elite member of the NVIDIA partner network, plans to invest $1 billion to build its AI supercloud in Europe, with $576 million in hardware orders already committed from suppliers became. The AI ​​Supercloud will provide a dedicated compute-intensive platform for European technology companies, organizations and governments, enabling them to conduct sensitive AI applications and research within European jurisdictions and data protection laws.

The AI ​​Supercloud, scheduled to launch in October 2023, will also help meet the increasing demand for accelerated computing driven by the technology industry’s growing interest in using generative AI and other artificial intelligence applications to drive innovation and to improve efficiency. It will also ensure regional and cost-effective access to GPU cloud services for European enterprises and scaleups.

NexGen Cloud’s AI supercloud services are delivered from European data centers powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy and support industries such as healthcare, finance, and media and entertainment.

The European AI supercloud will eventually consist of more than 20,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs by June 2024, providing enterprises with access to one of the world’s most powerful GPU-accelerated platforms.

“AI will determine the economic success of nations and determine the prosperity of their citizens,” said Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud. “The AI ​​supercloud will enable companies to gain competitive advantage in the next evolution of technology, all within the European legal order and associated data sovereignty and security. Through our collaboration with NVIDIA, we will deliver an AI supercloud that will ensure European companies can compete globally and stay ahead of the competition.”

“NVIDIA’s computing power is the engine for companies looking to harness the power of generative AI,” said Jaap Zuiderveld, vice president of sales and marketing for EMEA at NVIDIA. “The NexGen Cloud AI Supercloud will give businesses across Europe access to this high-end computing power, unlocking the true potential of AI and high-performance computing innovations to help them remain competitive in an evolving global economy.”

To help fund its AI Supercloud, NexGen Cloud partnered with Moore and Moore Investments Group (MMI) and created a dedicated fund that has attracted investments from their private investors.

Access to the AI ​​Supercloud will be provided via NexGen Clouds over the next 12 months recently announced Hyperstack platform, a GPU-accelerated cloud platform from NVIDIA that enables direct, GPU-accelerated cloud access for the European market. The company is already accepting pre-orders for its first deployment in October.

“Last year’s breakthroughs in AI technology and large-scale language models represent a major moment for businesses, but have so far remained inaccessible to retail investors,” said John Moore, director of MMI. “The Hyperstack AI Supercloud represents a powerful opportunity to advance AI adoption and meet computing needs while democratizing access to some of the most powerful GPU systems on the market. We firmly believe in the potential of this effort and are pleased to open up the possibility of this venture to our investors.”

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